“Leading the way out of the Information Age and into the Age of Intelligence”

Natural Intelligence Solutions
An array of products and services designed, developed and delivered in accord with the principles of Natural Intelligence

Natural Intelligence Solutions

Steve and Suzanne Patterson, Creators of Natural Intelligence Solutions, have spent the past twenty-five years formulating the natural process of permanent change for individuals, couples, families, businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. 
This Work - delivered as a product, a process, and a body of theoretics - is Unique, original, absolute, completely sustainable and universally applicable. What this means is that we are the source of the work and not re-sourcing the work. This means that there is no other work that can be compared to it. It is not the same as or similar to any other work existing today or that has ever existed. This means that any result produced by this work is completely sustainable in that it affects change in the neurology which is control central for all behavior. This means that this work can be applied to anything, as everything is intelligence based. All systems whether natural or artificial have their own neurology which can be re-organized and therefore re-integrated around reality.